A Lasting Marble IX™

My Lasting Bouquet

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The palpable decadence of marble can be traced historically through the ages. A Lasting Marble IX sees 9 roses of a colour of your choice fittingly ensconced in a squaremarble vase. With such an assumed air of sophistication and beauty, A Lasting Marble IX is the perfect decorative item needed to bestow any home or office with a refined glow.

A Lasting Marble™


Meticulously selected and cut during peak growth time, our roses are immersed in a proprietary solution to help preserve the flowers and maintain the softness of its petals. This, coupled with a diverse pigmentation of colour, means a palett of patterns and designs can be cultivated. Housed in our Parisian-style boxes, the rose’s transient bloom will continue to radiate through your own individualised selection. 


Our roses last a year when sheltered from excessive sunlight, heat and moisture. No watering or maintenance is required.


All arrangements include a complimentary personalised gift message.