A Lasting Ombré Quinze

Lasts a year or more
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With multiplicity there comes a desire for refinement and control. This unique arrangement takes our Ombré colour palette and transposes it into a shelter of transparent acrylic casing. The end product is uniquely tempered- espousing radiance, beauty, passion and craft, all in the singular embrace of a clear, acrylic soul.


The perfect arrangement for any gift, office or event or simply to show someone you care.


The Lasting Quinze features 15 Eternity® Roses protected by a high quality, luxurious crystal clear acrylic lid.


The lid can be printed with a name, date or initial- the perfect way to add a personal touch to the arrangement.


How To Care For Your Eternity® Roses


It’s easy! Unlike normal roses which require constant watering, a change of vases, and grooming of loose, wilted petals, our roses maintain their freshness and longevity for at least a year without tedious and time-consuming maintenance.


Simply keep the roses away from direct sunlight and at room temperature, and your stylish arrangement will retain its elegance and grace for an entire year or more.